Establish Umuh Muchtar After Persib Again Reach Results

Establish Umuh Muchtar After Persib Again Reach Results

Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar, disappointed The base of why, Maung Bandung unable to show his fangs at home after being held to a goalless draw by Barito Putera, Monday (9/10/2017) night.

The result extends the draw against Persib to 12 times, five of which occur in a row.

Umuh Muchtar immediately lamented his grief, responding to Persib condition that never improved. For Umuh, the 11th rank became a disgrace for the team as much as Persib.

“Yes, the result of the series, I said if (draw) in the cage was considered to be defeated, disappointed, who is not disappointed, I apologize to bobotoh,” said Umuh.

“I’m also amazed to not understand, why it’s so hard (win) and yesterday play a lot of chances, was also a lot of chances, but the goddess Fortuna not take sides,” said Umuh after the game.

He also can not think with luck that never go forth. In fact, in the game, Persib have appeared to attack and dictate the game.

“I apologize to the bobotoh, all the players are also disappointed, all also complain.This is unlucky, some (match) this time,” he said.

Umuh was trying to be realistic. The target of sitting in the top five is buried. He is now focused on improving Persib performance in the rest of the game so as not to fall to the bottom of the standings.

“In the future, we are trying to save not to degradation, unfortunately, we were chasing the big five because Persib is big name,” said Umuh.

He admitted, in the first round, Persib performance is very plummeted with the emergence of problems in the internal team and management. However, that hope re-emerged when Persib win big over Sriwijaya in Palembang.

However, who would have thought, the victory was precisely the beginning of Persib disaster. After subduing Sriwijaya, Persib can not win once. All the fight ended mussels.

“We came back from the start of the first round, it was very devastated, it is thought that now there is improvement.” Yesterday it was good against Srwijaya, there I have hope but this is playing ball We want to win but yes what I want to say again just apologize to bobotoh, Persib lovers, “he said.

Umuh was aware if the current condition of Persib increasingly leads opinion bobotoh who often call himself too intervene in technical affairs.

“If the players who play first, reserve, I have handed over to the coach fully, those who know in the field, sorry must be disappointed bobotoh earlier many shouted, I do not blame,” he said.

He also had time to think to follow the footsteps of Djadjang Nurdjaman who chose to resign after being pushed bobotoh. However, for Umuh, retreat from the current position is not an ideal decision.

“I thought yesterday (backwards), backwards, but if I go back in this state the same as killing, so I force, I must take responsibility,” he said.

Umuh also understand the disappointment bobotoh this time. However, he hopes the outburst of emotion bobotoh not excessive dilampiaskan. He actually invites bobotoh continue to support Persib to whip the spirit of the players.

“Indeed, I have also been bobotoh, although it has been playing out all the time still. (Cemoohan) is common, but do not overdo it, hopefully in the future Persib better, Insha Allah we are more conducive again,” he said.

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