One point against Chelsea, Arsenal midfielder not upset

One point against Chelsea, Arsenal midfielder not upset

Aaron Ramsey has no regrets even though Arsenal just played 0-0 against Chelsea in the English Premier League 2017/2018 match at Stamford Bridge on Sunday (17/09/2017). According to Ramsey, one point from a team of caliber Chelsea is a positive result.

“We have to play like that against the top teams, and in recent years we have struggled (earning points at Stamford Bridge) but we are able to compete against the best teams, we show that we can create chances and in the future we may score goals , “Ramsey said.

Throughout the game against Chelsea, Arsenal fired two accurate shots from eleven experiments, with a 49 percent ball possession. As for Chelsea fired four sharpshooters from four businesses.

This is the first time Arsenal stole points at Stamford Bridge in the last four meetings in the Premier League event. In four meetings, Arsenal lost 3-1 (February 2017), 0-2 (9 September 2015), 0-2 (5 October 2014), and 0-6 (22 March 2017).

One point that achieved Arsenal in the game against Chelsea this is Arsenal’s first point achieved when facing a big team in the Premier League this season. Earlier, Arsenal met Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday (27/08/2017) and lost 0-4.

“After the game against Liverpool we need points (from the game against Chelsea) .We play in the Chelsea defense area and we can put pressure on it We want to get results from this match and we earned a point We are in a good position We just need continue it, “Ramsey said.

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