Perseru Reluctant to Underestimate Semen Padang

Perseru Reluctant to Underestimate Semen Padang

Semen Padang is like ‘free fall’, due to some minor results obtained in the last game. Conditions that resulted in them must be willing to be in position to 16, or the top zone of relegation replacing Perseru Serui.

However, Perseru coach Agus Yuwono, reluctant to underestimate Semen Padang in a match that will be held at the Stadium H. Agus Salim, Padang, Saturday (28/10/2017) afternoon.

“We know the condition of Semen Padang is not basically like the beginning of the competition. However, we remain wary and do not want to think this team is under us, “said Agus when contacted, Thursday (26/10/2017).

In this game, we obviously really need points. Maybe the host (Semen Padang) itself also needs points, but we also need points. So how the readiness of each team only, “he said.

Because of the importance of counter action Semen Padang, Agus hopes his protege will play in the match later as when facing big teams in League 1. Including, when managed to beat Persipura Jayapura on Sunday (22/10/2017) then.

“We will still (play) like when facing Persib (Bandung), Arema, Persipura, so do not want to underestimate them, so as not careless. All players must remain concentrated like when winning against Roma yesterday, “he said.

However, Agus explained, he did not provide special preparation to Perseru squad ahead of action against Semen Padang counter. According to him, players Perseru already know and understand what to do on the field, in the game.

“If special preparations do not exist, just like the other away games. We think every game is final, so to be able to get points already have to know what to do, “said Agus.

“The players (Perseru) certainly want to keep playing in League 1 again next season. So they already know what to do in the rest of the game this season. It has become a strong determination of all players, “he said.

In the current standings, Perseru ranks 15th with 31 points. While Semen Padang is going to be faced, there is one rung beneath it with two points difference.

Seeing the difference in the numbers obtained by both teams, which is considered quite mepet, Agus hope, Perseru can gain points from his trip to Padang this time, in order to maintain the hope of avoiding the degradation grip at the end of the season.

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