Sir Alex Ferguson Coutinho Transfer News Commentary

Sir Alex Ferguson Coutinho Transfer News Commentary

Saga’s transfer of Liverpool midfielder Philippe Coutinho attracted the attention of former Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson.

Earlier, Liverpool had three times turned down Barcelona’s offer for Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho also had time to apply for transfer to Juergen Klopp’s camp.

Until now, there is no certainty whether Coutinho will get his desire to move or even stay with Klopp.

Saga transfer 25-year-old player was apparently invited the attention of former Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I think strong management is very important in situations like this,” he said.

“One of your jobs as a coach is to educate the characters of your players so they are responsible with what they do,” Sir Alex Ferguson told Goal quoted by

For Ferguson, the transfer saga of Philippe Coutinho is unfortunate because Liverpool have shaped the player up as it is today.

“So this is a bit disappointing, but you have to accept it and the transfer market does not help the situation,” said Manchester United’s legendary coach.

Fergie said that if the transfer window ends in July, the Brazilian will continue to play for Liverpool and will not experience a transfer saga.

“The recommendation is to close the transfer window before the season starts, so everyone knows which players they will get and do not have to wait for the results,” he said.

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